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Product FAQ

Are you guys local or Korean? 

We are all Malaysians, and we are graduated from culinary school, and have experience in culinary field. We had injected with typhoid vaccine (compulsory for food handlers) and are KKM certified food handlers. 

Besides, we have spent years on learning Korean dishes and Korean language which help us to understand more of the real Korean dishes. 

What's so special about Hyo's Kimchi? 

Most of our kimchi are made without white/brown sugar added, unless it's necessary in the recipe. We have added Korean pear juice or apple juice in our kimchi to bring out the sweetness. 

Instead of the Korean recipes, we have improved our recipes to make it more suitable for Malaysian's taste bud! 

Is your kimchi more to sour or spicy taste? 

Our kimchi has a stronger umami taste, and it is actually less sour compared to the imported ones as all these are freshly fermented.

For those who prefer a less sour taste, we would suggest you to consume it as soon as possible. 

The kimchi turns very sour after a couple of weeks/months, how can I consume it? Is it still safe to consume? 

Yes, it is safe to be consumed. Everyone has different tolerance level to sourness, if you feel that the kimchi is too sour for you, you may cook it into dishes like kimchi jjigae, kimchi pancake etc! 

How do I know if the kimchi has spoilt? 

Spoilt kimchi is marked by mold growing on it, not by sourness!

As long as the kimchi smells normal and there's no mold, it is safe to be consumed. We do recommend you to consume the kimchi within 3 months (may differ for every kimchi and pickles, kindly check the product description and exact expiry date on the packaging) and keep refrigerated all the time.

As the fermentation process goes on, kimchi will become more sour and softer, which you may think it looks spoilt and unappealing. But it is totally fine to be consumed. If you don't like the aged kimchi, try using them to make kimchi fried rice, kimchi jjigae etc.

Are your products Halal certified? 

Our products are not Halal certified yet as we're still in the process of getting it. However, all of the ingredients used for our products are from Halal certified supplier. We're also using separated utensils and cookware for our production to make sure our products are Muslim-friendly.

Delivery FAQ

We do deliver to whole West Malaysia. 

Below are the areas in Klang Valley. 

Delivery area

Delivery charges are as below: 

AreaDelivery Fee
PuchongLive Rate by Lalamove (1-2 days subject to stock availability)


Hyo Delivery Flat Rate RM20 (2-3 days)
Free delivery for purchase above RM60
Klang Valley Live Rate by Lalamove (1-2 days subject to stock availability)


Hyo Delivery Flat Rate RM20 (2-3 days) 
Free delivery for purchase above RM 100 
West MalaysiaRM 20 (2-3 days, may be delayed due to weekends, holidays & unforeseen circumstance)Free delivery for purchase above RM 200

I tried to purchase, but it shows out of zone when I check out. What should I do? 

You can double check your postal code and your delivery information. If all the information is accurate but it still show out of zone, kindly drop us a DM on Instagram or WhatsApp us to check if we can deliver to your area. 

How do you pack the items? 

Klang Valley

All of the kimchi and pickles will be sealed tightly, and package in insulated bag or box.

Other States (WM)

The items will be packed should be sealed tightly, and package in a Polysterene foam box with ice packs. This is to slow down the fermentation process so that the kimchi and pickles would not turn too sour and too soft when you receive it.

However, do note that the items you receive might be slightly sour and softer than usual during the delivery, factors like delivery time, temperature and weather will affect the storage condition. 

Hence, we would suggest you to keep the items refrigerated as soon as possible upon receiving the order.

Keep the items refrigerated before opening it. Open the jar/vacuum pack carefully in your sink, as fermented items might pop (gas produced during transport). Fret not, it is safe to be consumed.  

When will I receive my order? 

Klang Valley 

We'll be delivering your orders via Lalamove or by our own team within 1-3 days based on stock availability and selected delivery method.

Other States (WM)

We'll be arranging the shipment within 2-3 days after receiving your orders. Your orders should be delivered within 3-5 days after being picked up by courier service. However, there might be unforeseen circumstances (public holidays, courier's working time, weather & etc.) that might caused a delay which we won't be able to control.

If your order has been delayed for more than 5 days or the items are spoilt/leaked when you received, kindly take pictures and videos as proof and contact us for further action.

How do you deliver the items?

Klang Valley

All the orders will be delivered by either our own delivery team or our logistic partners. The delivery timeframe would be Monday to Sunday, between 9am to 6pm. 

Other States (WM)

All the orders will be delivered by our logistic partners.

Can we set our preferred delivery time? 

Due to lack of manpower, we're unable to cater to specific delivery time at the moment. However, we'll try your best to fulfill your preferred delivery day* (weekday/weekend/any day) that you chose upon checkout.

*Only available in Klang Valley

Note: Please drop us a WhatsApp at 017-313 5289 for special delivery request before placing order.

Will you inform us the delivery day? 

Klang Valley

An email will be sent when your order is being process and ready for delivery. You shall be receiving the items a day after receiving the Order Fulfillment Email. For example,you've received the Order Fulfillment Email on Monday night, your order will be delivered on Tuesday.

Other States (WM)

Delivery will be made by our logistic partners and we won't be able to provide an exact delivery date. However, we'll be sending you a Order Fulfillment Email along with your tracking number when your order is ready to be picked up by the courier.

Can you deliver the items to my workplace? 

Kindly mention your company name if you are sending the items to your workplace, the rider should be able to deliver it during your office hour. 

Will the items be in chilled condition during delivery? 

Klang Valley

The items might not be in chilled condition as it might be freshly made on that day. We'll be keeping them in an insulated bag or box during delivery. Please keep them in chiller/fridge (not frozen) as soon as you received items. 

Other States (WM)

The items will be packed in polysterene foam box with ice packs. However, there might be unforeseen circumstances (public holidays, courier's working time, weather & etc.) that might caused a delay which we won't be able to control - so we won't be able to promise that they'll still be in chilled condition but it is normal if it's not cold when you received them.

My office does not have a chiller, and I can only keep them in fridge when I am home, will it be spoilt? 

Generally, kimchi and pickles are fine to be in room temperature. A few hours to a day in room temperature is definitely fine! Just make sure that you keep them in fridge all the time when you're able to.

However, some products with short shelf time like Cucumber Kimchi and Braised Black Bean might be affected and have shorter shelf time, hence we encourage to consume them as soon and use dry and clean cutlery when taking them out from the containers.

Can we do self collect? 

Sorry but we're unable to arrange self-pickup at the moment.

Payment FAQ 

Do you accept cash on delivery? 

No, we do not accept cash on delivery.

What are the payment methods available?

We do accept bank transfer and online transfer. 

I paid an extra amount during offline bank transfer, what should I do? 

It it advised to pay the exact amount while doing transfer. If you have transferred extra amount, do Whatsapp us at 017-313 5289 with your order number, your bank account and name. We will proceed to transfer back the changes to you as soon as possible. 

Return & Refund FAQ 

I just made an order and paid for it but I would like to cancel it now. How should I do it? 

We'll prepare your order once we received them. Hence, cancellation will not be allowed once order has been placed and payment has been made - and we will not be providing any refund for your unwanted orders.

You can cancel the order ONLY if the order has been placed but yet to make payment. However, it would be best not to cancel your order if you have placed your order. 

How can I return the items to you? 

We do not accept any return and refund. 

The items were damaged when I receive it, what should I do? 

Please take pictures and videos as proof and contact us through Whatsapp 017-313 5289 immediately.

I have received wrong items, what should I do? 

Contact us through Whatsapp 017-313 5289 immediately. We will replace the item for you as soon as possible. 

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